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Our coaching protects your investment in your student by helping find a college that's the "right fit" academically, financially and socially.

Benefits of college admission coaching:

  • Cuts through the flood of advice to develop an organized, personalized application strategy based on the student’s unique skills and abilities.

  • Helps the student stay motivated to confidently move through each step of the application process.

  • Eases communication between student and parent over issues such as goals, expectations and finances.

  • Concentrates on the areas where the student will get the most benefit from personalized help.

I was your basic B student and I was afraid that good schools would reject me. You helped me figure out how to find colleges that were interested in me and put together a good application package.

I just wanted to express my appreciation. You have given me the mindset that I can do more to get into the school I choose.

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